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Payment Methods


updated on April 21, 2015

For your convenience we have impemented variety of payment methods on Crossroad. We do not record or keep your private payment related data and are not responsible for loss, leak or compromise of your personal financial data. If you believe that your personal financial data is compromised, please refer to your card issuer bank with all inquiries. Depending on transaction type, recipient's location and the requirements placed on purchasing items, some of the payment methods may not be available to you, however, all available methods will be accessible on the Shopping Cart page during the purchase checkout. 

Crossroad supports the following payment methods:


Online Payment Methods

Online Payment methods can be applied at the checkout step, during order formation. The following online payment methods are supported by the system:

Bank Credit and Debit Cards

We accept payments from the following card issuers: VisaMasterCard, AmericanExpress and ArCa. Simply enter your credit or debit card number, card owner's full name, card expiration date and CVC code in the opened pop-up window and press the "Pay" button.

Virtual Cards

Crossroad accepts following payment methods using electronic payments and virtual cards: iDram, Virtual ArCa. In the opened pop-up window enter your login name and password for your electronic payment account, then press "Enter".












We accept Paypal payments online. In the opened pop-up window enter your Paypal login name and password, then press "Enter".



Postpay Methods

Selecting one of postpay methods during order completion means that you are making a commitment to pay at the time of delivery of your order or at the time of self-pickup of your order from one of Crossroad's self pick-up locations. The system supports the following postpay methods:

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Selecting this method means that you will pay cash at the time of delivery or at the time of self-pickup at one of Crossroad's locations. Don't forget to request a cash receipt for your payment, as such receipt may be needed for items return or exchange, in case such a need arises.

Payment via POS Terminal

Crossroad allows to use bank cards at the time of delivery or at Crossroad's offices during pickup, using POS terminals. This payment method can be used when paying using: VisaVisa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, AmericanExpress and ArCa.

Instant Credit at Crossroad's Offices

In Crossroad's offices you can apply for an instant credit for purchases over 30,000 drams, if partnering banks approve your credit line, based on your credit history and the purchase amount. Instant Credit is usually approved within 5 minutes timeframe. The following documents are required: valid passport and copy of the social security card. There is 0% downpayment and 0% service fee. The credit percentage is 18-24% based on your credit history.


Additional Payment Methods

The following additional payment methods are prepaid methods. Selecting these methods mean that your order will start processing after the prepayment is made using one of the available prepayment methods. Depending on the order amount and for your protection, your order can be handed to the recipient after identity verification of the recipient, to match the order data.

ATTENTION: If the prepayment is not made within 5 working days from the date of your order, your order will be automatically cancelled, therefore, to avoid cancellations, please make payments timely.

If your actual payment amount is less than the order amount, then the missing piece of the order amount must be paid using one of the available payment methods in the system, so that your order can start processing.

If your actual payment amount is more than the order amount, then extra payment will be kept in your personal wallet, as part of your account profile, which you can use any time against purchases made on Crossroad. 

Payment Terminals

This payment method is convenient when other payment methods are unavailable due to your order specifics, recipient's locations or order items requirements. It is especially useful in regions when delivery person cannot provide a POS terminal or is not authorised to accept COD payments. For your convenience we enable payment via a large network of tens of thousands payment terminals located in every region in medium and large supermarket stores, gas stations, etc. Crossroad enables payments via payment terminals of the following networks: TellCell and Tandem: We are working towards adding other types of payment terminals in the future, for your convenience. For making a payment at a payment terminal, find a payment option, enter your accoiunt number in Crossroad (or your mobile phone number registered with your Crossroad account) and the payment amount. After receiving a confirmation about your payment, which usually happens within minutes, the system will automatically start processing your order. 

Bank Transfer

You can also pay for your order via the bank transfer option. This option is especially useful for organizations making purchases on Crossroad. We will issue full invoices and payment receipts per your instructions. After selecting this payment method press the "Pay" button. The system will generate a form with all payment details that you can use when making payment at a bank or through online banking. If you are a registered user with your personal or business account information stored in your profile, then the system will generate full invoices that can be used for accounting purposes. Payment can be made using any commercial bank serving the region of your presence. The system will start processing the order upon receiving a confirmation about the payment via bank transfer. Usually, bank transfer requires up to 3 days of payment processing. If, after making payment via bank transfer and after 3 banking days your payment was not recorded in your account at Crossroad, please contact our customer support for resolution. Alternatively, you can drop an email to