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About Crossroad

Updated on April 21, 2015

What is Crossroad?

Crossroad is an online mega-mall of products, services, coupons and a social network for online shoppers. It is a global internet platform for buying, selling, advertising and sharing.

Marketplace tools for consumers allow finding and buying wide range of products and services on the Crossroad platform. Marketplace tools for vendors allow businesses to open their web store on the Crossroad platform, publish marketplace items, sell and advertise. Crossroad takes care of payments, delivery, returns, refunds and customer support.

Social tools for consumers allow receiving personalized news about new products and services based on users profile, interests and shopping habits, while social tools for vendors allow organizing targeted sale and advertising campaigns that are personalized for every single user. In addition, online interaction between consumers and vendors, also consumer driven ratings and reviews makes Crossroad a live social marketplace, where people can share ideas and make buy/sell decisions intelligently.


Who can use Crossroad?

Any person or a business can be part of Crossroad community. Whether you want to buy products for home or office, order a lunch to be delivered, book a massage appointment or a vacation trip - all this is possible on Crossroad. If you want to open your own web store, Crossroad offers tools for web store creation, content and inventory management, advertisement, payments, delivery, customer support and more.

Businesses can define the geographical scope of selling their products and services on Crossroad, as well as define the scope of multilingual support their products and services need when offering in more than one geographical region. Consumers with different language preferences and different geographical locations can see the products and services available in their respective location, while products descriptions can be offered in their preferred language.


What are the privileges of using Crossroad?

Registering on Crossroad is FREE and always will be. It is your social shopping experience on a global scale. It is a one shop stop for finding everything you need for your shopping, business and social life. It creates a tighter link between consumer and vendor and empowers businesses to personalize shopping experience, thus opening endless possibilities for the growth of your business.


Social Programs

We feel a social responsibility to the society and we pledge to support multiple social programs. We will periodically post programs sponsored by Crossroad and encourage our community to join our social efforts.

Happy Crossroading and remember: Everything is just a click away, have fun!